Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I started my bored holidays.

Today, i waked up at 12pm.

Oh no, i know it sound 'pig'.. ^@^
Of course, sleep is a part of my life.

After that my man called me, he is on the way to my house.
Of course is meet out larh.
Yea, we had lunch together.
With his 'gf'. I meant his best boyfriend la.
He is quite nice person, but just broke up with his gf.
Darn!! Sad case larh.
Okay, then we went to DesaParkCity, for MayBank and have a walk to the playground.

The wind blew very strong, the sky is crowned with thunder storm.. >_<''
luckily walk back early a minute, if not we're gonna be 'chicken soup'. lol o.O..

I miss my man right now.
He had brought me a pillow, a forgot what's that cartoon's name.
is brownish color, open mouth hardly and very fierce face.
I like it very much!!

And he FINALLY had brought the present for Jaysee, although is tooooo late..
Yea, but at least for nothing.

Now, i had re-download photoscape, it kinda cool software.

I like it very much.
Then had edited a picture, put on my headline. Nice not?
hmmm, i think i should design my own, but my photoshop & illustrator had expired date.
Stupid LS didn't give me the series number, end up i just only used the trial mode. wateva larh.

My mom, she going to Taiwan at August. Sound cool right?
Yea, she got the cheap ticket from air-asia. thru and flow only rm400++.
I'm so pissed off that she din bring along me.. Sobsob T.T
nevermind,i'm gonna be there for further study sooner.
so i should treat this time for being a good girl at home?
Oh no, houseworks.. She going for 6days.
Anyway, i'm big enough!!
No problem for me..

I can do it!! But important is pictures and souvenirs..

1st of May, holiday.. going to cycling? Might be..
Yeah.. relaxing..

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