Tuesday, April 14, 2009

For Limly

duno what am i thinking now..
thinking of you?
might be..
when u read this post might be on the way in memorizing right?

or attack with the devil of sleep?

i feel like want to say smtg..
post 3 entries in a few hours
am i okay?

For you,
i know you're good..
and im very appreciate..
i likes to listen your voice while talking in the phone..
but sometimes were cold..=.="


i know u can give me happiness right?
i know u can protect me right?
i know u can take care of me right?
i know u will respect me right?

remember that song?
jolin & david tao..

or would i say,
let us just begin our journey?
or u wan make it a choice for me?

i trust u can do all the thing that i want.
and i'll treat u as heart as my lover.

my dear..
hehe.. blushed =^.^=

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