Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I feel like wants to do many many things..

design my blog headline,

watch all anime that i have right now,

do all i suppose to do at home,

plan everything during my holidays,

shop with my girlfriends,

meet out my hot-chicks,

be more self-discipline at home,

and etc...

but, all are just only my mind think to do..
not i really wants to move!!
i wants to go out, instead of staying at home..
facing my lappie and my room..
that's is what i did in every sem break i have.
this week is gonna get into May,the time passes so fast..
Mother's Day is just around the corner,
what should i for my dearest mommy?
i think should be a card with a warmest dinner?
think soo.. every year also having dinner together..

I love you, mommy.. <3

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