Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm pregnant?!!!

I feel that i'm pregnant!!

whao~ Calm down..
i said feel like doesn't mean is real, okay??

i feel like pregnant means,
this few weeks i was like addicted of some kind of food!
Must get it, if not can't sleep and not feeling well.
are those pregnant mama also symptom like this?
i guess so!!

i addicted to some kind of food like,
chilis, sambals, belacan, tomyam, wasabi, curry, asam laksa..
all kinds of spicy!!

like just now,
i really really wants to drink hot soup..
then i called my mom cook miso soup for me..
but when i'm home,
i added a piece of mee..

so healthy supper right?
i know..

so who got the same type of pregnant symptom,
let me know..
we born our baby together..

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