Saturday, August 28, 2010



等我po照片 :)

锁定31好早上,7am-10am 的现场直播!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


1. 时间过得很快,就这样过了大半年。我这样就过了2年半的文凭大学:) 听起来很大学生……

2. 其实都只不过是一个文凭。

3. 没关系,我的梦想还在努力的实现。

4. 台湾,本来很喜欢,可是拖得太久,又好像不会那么好吧了~忘了想要去台湾的目的是什   么……那只好就继续的寻找我自己的方向吧~ 

5. 和北鼻都还蛮好,不算是老夫老妻,但还是一对很爱对方的恋人 :) <3 我爱你!

6. 小小的心思,就可以让一个人感动。

7. 香港机票就在手中,正在努力的为量地管的职位变成职业人士!

8. 有时候空虚会令一个人胡思乱想,天马行空都跑了出来。迷失了方向,贪新鲜感!朋友,不要玩火哦~小朋友都懂得玩火会弄伤自己!



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lim Mama

Last Friday was my boyf's mother birthday. Jaysee planned to handmade cake for aunty. 
So we decided to go Jusco to buy ingredients. 
Since aunty's house only have oven so we brought those tools for cake.

This is the sponge cake. The taste Very nice! very smooth. 
Although we just using our hand to beat the mixture.

Me and jaysee busying to apply the cream on top.

It FAILED! it might be the cake still hot, and the cream melted fast!

After decorated with strawberries and peaches.. :)

After that we went to Big Lucky Restaurant for dinner.

Me and Baby <3

me and Stacey <3

#1 Stacey

#2 Jaysee

#3 Me

Eating shark Fin :)

Lastly, our freezer cake :)
I didn't take picture with aunty. Just only eyes on cake :)

Once again, Happy Birthday.
Wish your dream comes true :D


Hi guys, sorry for didn't update for so long. I'm now having my studies week. Which meant going to exam soon. And graduate too. This is a sad thing, my college friends, i'll miss you guys badly. But we have facebook, so sure no problem to meet out again. And, i'm going to be jobless after graduate, haven't find any job or internship yet. Not really have the mood to find job straight away. But will rest for few weeks, at the same time find some job.

September is my month and also for my baby too. Waiting my day coming soon. And his 21th birthday. Planning and thinking what surprised for him and present. 

Will update his mom's birthday post soon... Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


On tuesday, me and mimi went to KL for shotting for my photography assignment.
We went to for a walk.

This guy damn shy.
Don't let me snap his face.

This is the golden triangle.

Then we went to Lot 10 for air-con.
cox of national geographic we went in!

The yellow frame!


This cafe name Jackie Chan.
The coffee smells so good :D

And we went to Pavilion, for the daily shoot.

This is the night shoot.
then have to overlay using photoshop to edit :)

This is my golden triangle daily shoot.

And this is the night shoot.

Here's the glittering guy..


Gold color..
Cool man:D

We went home by 930pm..
Reach home almost 10smtg..
but enjoy :D

Sunday, August 01, 2010

small ♥ big ♥♥

small effort, big happiness :D

Although just meet you guys for 3weeks, but we did a great job today!
Although are tired, but doesn't tired on our spirit!
Although are tough for everything, but we've overcome for anything!

P53, gambateh~!