Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lim Mama

Last Friday was my boyf's mother birthday. Jaysee planned to handmade cake for aunty. 
So we decided to go Jusco to buy ingredients. 
Since aunty's house only have oven so we brought those tools for cake.

This is the sponge cake. The taste Very nice! very smooth. 
Although we just using our hand to beat the mixture.

Me and jaysee busying to apply the cream on top.

It FAILED! it might be the cake still hot, and the cream melted fast!

After decorated with strawberries and peaches.. :)

After that we went to Big Lucky Restaurant for dinner.

Me and Baby <3

me and Stacey <3

#1 Stacey

#2 Jaysee

#3 Me

Eating shark Fin :)

Lastly, our freezer cake :)
I didn't take picture with aunty. Just only eyes on cake :)

Once again, Happy Birthday.
Wish your dream comes true :D

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