Thursday, August 12, 2010


On tuesday, me and mimi went to KL for shotting for my photography assignment.
We went to for a walk.

This guy damn shy.
Don't let me snap his face.

This is the golden triangle.

Then we went to Lot 10 for air-con.
cox of national geographic we went in!

The yellow frame!


This cafe name Jackie Chan.
The coffee smells so good :D

And we went to Pavilion, for the daily shoot.

This is the night shoot.
then have to overlay using photoshop to edit :)

This is my golden triangle daily shoot.

And this is the night shoot.

Here's the glittering guy..


Gold color..
Cool man:D

We went home by 930pm..
Reach home almost 10smtg..
but enjoy :D

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