Monday, April 16, 2012

480# ❤ no directions..

I'm a free bird right now, at the same i'm getting bored everyday..
although assignments and presentation are queuing continuously..

suelin were closed with me this sem, 
because we almost the same for every classes!!

We did same group for assignments and presentations
OF COURSE out of school,
we are staying same dorm but not same room~
so did gir's talk and shopping!!

i missed ms.joeykrystalee

she went back to Malaysia for like 1month+,
but feeling like she still beside me..
maybe we used to whatsapp through phone?
it could be..
but she are not happy, keep emo, cox she like ELMO?
HAHAHA.. i know lame right..

Hope she can find something worthy things to do, 
as a motivation for daily life,
at least there's something to busy on..
but not just stress from Family,
bf apart outstation for working,
she gonna be mad if things going on like that..

As a friend, 
i shall keep encourage and motivate her!!
Move on girl!
Don't taipei sick lah..
If want, save money and come taipei for travel,
we are waiting for you to visit us again!

Take care wey~


Assignemnts + presenttations
Final + summer breaks
Internship + payment
beaches + shopping

Play hard. Party hard. Study hard. 

waiting for this out..

and this too!!

Btw, GG5 were out again..
i finished until epi 19,
waiting for epi 20..
Blair, Chuck, Selena, Dan, Nate
the complicated friendship, family and relationship

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