Thursday, April 19, 2012

481# Coffee Alley for lunch!

Another tea-time for us.
We went to Shilin New outlet of Coffee Alley, because i heard my friend said their waffle are super nice!
But we went there for our late lunch.
Here's their menu..
Just sandwiches, waffles, coffee and tea!
This is the nice place for girl's talk and even gathering!

me and Sue!
Looks pale in the photo!

On that afternoon, quite crowded.

When was the last time i snap myself?


Here's come my coffee latte with Love latte art!

Sue's vienna's coffee!

my coffee served with butter cookies and the brown sugar stirrer 

And Smoke beef sandwich..
This is really delicious!
The beef slices were super thick and QQ..

Sue's forgot what sandwich name..
but is chicken with macho snacks!

We had a lot of sharing and chit-chatting..
About ourselves, families, futures..

This is where we had our precious moment in the afternoon!

See you again x)

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