Wednesday, April 04, 2012

478# You are Beautiful!

 Last Sunday, We went to Babe18..
as you can see our dressed up..
YAY! Clubbing for release stress..
Dresses and high heels..

Me and Wendy

Me and Wenli

I love this outfit.
Especially that collar, can remove as you want it or not.
My outfit was get buy 1 get one free, ITS REALLY CHEAP and FASHIONABLE i guess?!
and also my heel get from Malaysia- Sg.Wang 6th floor and i get it like 50%, really cheap too!

Here's my drunk video, you can ignore it.
This is really crazy. Unlimited free flow drinks. We had lotsa of shots and one cocktail!
I'm good that no puke all around the floor, but my girls.. Ewww~~
Anyway, we had lots of fun!


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