Monday, March 26, 2012

477# 55th Anniversary

Last Saturday, My school held 55th Anniversary School Day at Taoyuan 巨蛋
That morning, everyone woke up very early and take bus to Taoyuan.
The weather is super0duper cold, it was like 12c + strong wind!

When we reach there, the Cheerleading session getting started.
The Cheerleading competition seperate to 2 session, A and B.
All are MingChuan student from 2 different campuses.

me and ahqing

She is DJulieta, my classmate

i'm 小紅帽

of course, Sue is coming with us!

This is cool, even Military came here for performance!

Tourism course, this is very nice!


End up some courses won on the cheerleading competition.
Actually in a bad way, we been forced to attend this event, because it worth for 6 classes for PE class.
Good way, we enjoyed those cheerleading performances.
Good job people!

Exhausted day. Cold day. PMS Day.

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