Friday, March 02, 2012

472# 229

On Wednesday, me and Suelin went to Historic Museum for Disney exhibition..
That day was my last day of holiday.. So we decided to go out with sunny day!

My favorite fairy tale in my childhood - Snow White

7 dwarfs...

Little Mermaid

Beauty and the beast

That's us :)

I'm on the cinderella's pumpkin car!

In the elevator!



The kettle and tea cup

Suelin here!

Then we went to ShiDa for Hi-tea
Insomnia coffee shop 

she ordered apple kiwi juice! not bad.. sounds healthy!

and my latte!

her jumbo snack!

and Lovernly joined us for shopping...

Here's our video..
Hope you guys enjoy it!
Good Night!


  1. hahaha, wtf video XD
    you guys accent too funny LMAO XD

    1. thanks my dear!!
      We are so enjoying! HAHAH!