Monday, September 05, 2011

414# Levain

 Last day of my farewell post. Okay, last post were out with ms.tinkle(ultra) to Levain. Because we heard that  Levain gonna shifted to another place due to that area were sold to middle east owner, so we went there for tea-time.
i were wearing skirt on that day!

I love Levain's stone oven's breads.

Here's ms.tinkle, she had a short cut last few months. Suits her?

Her fujifilm mini instant camera..

After had a long chat, we went to Pavilion for the Tokyo Street for a walk. Came to Ocha-do..

Tried the normal Pearl Milk Tea

Mine was Honey AloeVera + pearl

Actually not that bad, new tried. Compare to Chatime, we prefer Chatime, cause the pearl were too soft and small. Not that Q as Chatime..

Do we look alike?

Same color as the sakura

Sakura Sakura!


Hahahah!! Silly me XD

i will miss u much much my dear ~ 

is me! 

Is her!

That's us!

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