Thursday, July 30, 2009


4 days busy with my assignments.
Especially Campaign.

Today campaign did not so smoothly, but everything were okay.
but not really know what lecturer want us to do.
This campaign is apart of our assignment.

10% for doing everything,
included tears, money and brain juice**

And the thing was,
i'm not expert being *EMCEE*
i holding the mic just like can't stop, keep talking talking talking..
But, i know what is the DJ and those emcee's feeling right now.
Is kinda tired.

i want to thank you for everyone in my group who put efforts on it.
And casey and jaysee did much more thing.
Sorry about my neglectful and those mistaken stuff.

And my man had accompanied for 3 days.
Although i'm busy on my assignment and what.
He doesn't make his temper up.
Great!! Good Job :)

and now gonna continue my challenges..
7assignments more and final exams is coming..


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