Friday, July 24, 2009

Small Walk.

Friday again....!

Today, my man and i went to Genting.
For a walk and enjoy the fresh air :)

Happy 100 Days.

I don't even know is 100 days actually X)

Today it just only 24July..
Not 31July..
31% for Baskin Robbins

Here's the compensation for next week..
*he is working on PC fair.. sobsob*

Chocolate Trilogy
Red Raspberry Sherbet.

My man..

After that, went to Chin Swee temple..
If not mistaken**

Uncle Lim

The cloud..

What he looking at?

hapiness~! <3

Who is him?

taking picture with statues..

Sunlight with the Shakyamuni..

Gues what,
i saw this spec on the rock..
But i edited with animates eyes..


Nice weather :)

Me with the shirt's picture same posture..

Here's the tower..

And last,
Our red shoe will accompany us walk until the end of life.

Happy 100 Days :)

Missss you, my man X)

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