Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm wondering..
How to do dialogue in this year?
10 times per month..
yeah, it sounds easy..
But its hard.

ytd had long chat with my man..
Only noticed that,
he is the one who makes me doing that action right now..
The thing is " Grow up " in everything..

The thing had learn from gakkai,
i had marked down in my life list..
But when I'm facing someone,
there are blank mind..

I said so much guidance,
tried to lead u the way,
give u the light of hope,
the answer is just..
" You're not persuasive enough! "

Okay, this sentence makes me down.
I think over and over again..
How to help u?

The only way,
i should read more sensei's books and chant more..

I decided to write a letter for sensei..

I can feel the sincere from sensei which Jane told us.

I want do shokubuku on you!!

Although you dont' know what am i talking about right now.
But you'll know soon!!

*I hate you lost your direction and objective being a human on earth! *

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