Sunday, July 05, 2009


Yesterday we be the listener on her.
She had told us all about her hurt and sadness.
About her r/s, on him..

Quite disappointed to him.

And i think that she had did what she need to do.
Hmmmm, It seems like r/s are quite fragile.
No matter, when, where..
It can just split away,
just like the time flies away easily.

He is going to UK for further study few years.
But until now, his family doesn't know their r/s.
Is a hard time to let them contact to each, if for their future.
Plus, her family will totally disagreed to them.
The problem is on him.

I hope that she will overcome this,
and he will realize that he was wrong.
But not always male chauvinism..
I hate that!!

Be tough my friend :)

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