Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Shopping :)


Here we go with random mood..

On tuesday,
i went Bangsar Village with my girlfriends..

The "lalat spec"
My look, my favourite t-shirt+short jeans..

Of coz,
we had prepare nice, make up( but i didnt)

camwhored in toilet..

Casey, Brand new look.. Wearing artist cap..

Jessie, wearing damn cute top with bow..

Stephy, wearing a black bit transparent coat..

Went there, of coz for shopping lu~!
Passed by JUICE,
the shop were wide, but no customer..

then, i had be the mannequin that day..
They wants me to wear dress..
To find a fix dress for a dinner..
Aiyo, don't likes to wear dress la..

But, is a nice try too..

I can be lady, actually!!


Had a hair cut today..
somehow like "lee xin jie"..

But this kinda different..
coz i wanna keep long hair, but not "boy hair" anymore..
yea, waiting my hair longer, longer, and longer!!

That's all:)

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