Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Oh this is nice one!!
Long time no meet my bestie- Miss ultra..

Met her in msn just now..
Open webcam and i had curi-curi print screen..

Me: When u gonna cut your hair?
Ultra: Yea, soon..
Me: so long again..

Ultra: Yea, black color comes out again..
( Shown me hers black color hair)

Normal stuff (Making funny face )

Here, i asked her miss me not? then i made a funny emotion..

Her man called her.. then i act like on the call also..

Then we had promised gonna meet out soon.. Then put a sign 'OK'!!

i gave her kiss, she shy shy.. hahaha

here comes her dog-MOMO.. so cute..

then she asked me smtg, but i din replied her.. i made a shocked face!!

That's all.. hahaha!! I'm freaky miss her much!!
We had 1 month no contact each!!
Since hers bday.. The photo i still haven get yet..
I had gave her a touched suprised for her... hahaha!!
Miss that day..!! Yeah, gonna meet her soon!!
Love you!!

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