Sunday, March 01, 2009

If i were...

If i were a boy,
I'll know the feeling with it.

If i were a photographer,
I can take the color of any kind of object as my collection.

If i were an artists,
I'll do my own style's art for exhibition.

If i were designer,
I'll design a logo, advertisement, etc for the teens as collection.

If i were a pianist,
I'll plays the piano for peace.

If i were a superstar,
I'll do all my best to be with it.

But just only ' IF I WERE...'
for now, just be present tense and for my future tense..
now i'm being student, a good student..
after that, god knows..

If you have any ambition or dreams,
Just do it.
Don't just only being sitting there always.

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