Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes Yes Yes!!
I know i should update my blog larh..
Here am i!!
Tell you what, finally i got my FIRST CONVERSE!!
I know it sound bit =.=..
But i'm really so extremely happy to it!!
Yesterday went to cheras and do our souvenirs for coming exchange meet..

We worked in matress room.. hahaha.. See Wei were so serious man.. tracing shapes..
Here are cath and vk.. SERIOUS!!
These are my stars..
Then after settled it, about 7pm+.. We head to mid valley for dinner!!
On the way, we saw a 'salty egg yoke' of sun in front of us.. so nice!!
Here's the egg yoke..
Now we are in Paddington House of Pancake!!
At forst, we were planned to eat Teppayaki.. But one of my friend, Evi.. Her friend want to eat Pancake.. Then just follow them lo..
Nice environment.. the lights..
Here's my hot mocha.. Love shape <3
Felt on happiness~!

This is Fizzy berry.. Taste not bad!!

While waiting our dishing, camwhored again..

I like the lighting effect+ my t-shirt rabbit is cute.. ^+++++^

Here is vk, wei&ME

Our dinner.. dono what full name.. we ordered it because of that hash brown..

This is so tasty also.. got an egg, sausage and pepperoni.. hehehe..

And here comes our dessert.. Volcano pancake!! This is suppost for 10pax dessert..
But a friend ordered this.. Is extremely much!! the pancake were.. gonna vomit!!!!! But i like the ice-cream.. Haggen Dazz!!! Yummy..

I had edi mentioned that at first we've planned to eat Teppayaki right? Why we went in pancake cause Evi's friend right? I heard that.. Her friend, Sue ann.. Are rich!! Her husband every month bank in 10k for her.. Of course no need go to work lo!! So rich edi.. So she are the one who foot the bill.. And we are totally feeling uncomfortable for this dinner and take away those pancakes.. OMG-ness.. It can said i'm lucky for yesterday got a great dinner but felt guilty also.. hahahaah^^

Anyway.. I very enjoyed eating those pancakes.. hehehehe^^

Here's my SATURDAY!!

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