Sunday, May 10, 2009

Words from heart..

Last Friday face-0ff to my mom..
Because she is tooooooo over cares of me..
i know this is not a good point for me to face-off with her..

for friends who knows me,
i'm cinderella, means i must go back before 11pm but not 12am..
but sometimes are excepted.

She told me is not good to always overnight at friend's house..
but if neccesary i'll do it, if not why don't sleep at my lovely bed?
everything i did of course got my reason.
but not for play play..

so i just replied her: " What is point of cannot?
Everybody were confirmed to overnight there and no transport going back also.
And if i got transport back, will be late after that will get your scold.
Why not just overnight there since will late?!
As the economic is very bad, but i didn't always going out with my friends,
somemore now i'm having my sem break for 3weeeks.
I know it sounds not long but short,
but i've got nothing to do instead of doing housework at home.
I did everything will consider you first.
I respect you whatever i did."

But she didn't replied me.. that night she wait me until 1am reach home.(no transport)

i know i'm bad for that time,
but if i said wrong, why not tell me back?
or maybe i got my words to let her knows what im feeling?

i'll try to be her good girl but not to be a small girl.
19years old girl but still not to free to goes out,
is good for me but for bit of tooooo over lor!!

hmmmmmm, i know the feeling for parents..
hesitating all the while to being good parents,
good communicating with children and even a good friends.

thanks for take caring me all the while from i'm being naughty when i was small..
I'm very appreciated everything..

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