Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bom Bom..

I just wasted one weeks break.
what did i do?
Sleeping=online=face+booking=blogging=dramas=eating=watching tv=dancing=msn

Is this a home bug always do at home?

oh god, but i had watched 3 movies for last month.. Not Bad!!
coming plans:
BBQ @ next saturday
watch coming soon @ next saturday

Maybe gonna seat undang seminal on next next saturday?!!
i know is toooooo late, okay?!
but no choice, this is the time that my mom pushing me!!

never mind,
the price is not too expensive neither!!

i din plan to diet, but to be maintain my weight right now!
a healthy diet is better than nyaris-nyaris ikan, right??

i miss my man right now!!
i really do!!
tml his class starts, enrol and get his timetable+results is coming out!

My dear, everything will be alright, no matter how,
i'll still beside u..
although late to be graduate on time!!
i can wait you ^o^

meet him next week..
for movie? gossip? love sparks?
wakakakakaka.. LOL... LMAO!!

i miss my hot-chicks too...

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