Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happi Valentine's Day!

Yea, I'm too bored then i had re-edited this post which posted this afternoon.

I'm Heart Z much, but as long as i know i'm not Lesbian. But of course, if she really can be my friend, that is REALLY cool!! Because i'm really heart of her.
Heart her STYLE, FEELING, LANGUAGE, POSTURE, PICTURES and all about her!!
She is taiwanese. A model, actress in MV and a student!!

Okay, don't talk about her..

So, everyone knows that today is Valentine's day..
Yea yea.. Full Of LOVE~!!
My girlfriends 5 of us, 3 are not available just me and casey still in this single status.
What is the big deal then?? I won't lost of what right? I still can survive right?
is true what.. Haiya, I thinking that Ultra & Sy sure having romantic now.. Sort of??
I know everyone is in their romantic plans now.
Chocolate, Roses, Candle light dinner?
haha.. sounds so old-fashioned?
But chinese quote says : "No worries for the ideas, but it will works for the people!"
if i not translate wrong to english! LOLx..

For me. Valentine of course is meaningful for couple. But single and family also can be meaningful, it just also a normal but is that festival is to couples! I haven't have my valentine before. No experience. It doesn't mean that I'm couple before, it just together and break in between the date before or after it. haha.. So, i'm not so much of things can talk on it. But if i have a loved onces, of course i'll be planning it since 1 month before. I think girls are very taking serious in every festival, dates and anniversary right? In my boy's friends, they were not care about the date and also the duration of their relationship. if their girlfriend ask them, sure get scolded!! hahaha.. Yea, so do I was that before too!!

Romance or fairytale which is more better? Romance it could be reality, fairtale only in dramas and storybooks right? Yea.. girls likes those thingy. Boys will be just 'yuck' or 'ish'.. hahaha.. If you got a chance to choose be a male or either female, which one will you choose? I will choosr female.. hahaha!! because female will be get pamper and get more advantages.. but depends larh & also can be enjoy the feeling when admired or lalat pursuiting you, and you very frustrated to them. This is what girls used to frustrated.. haha!! But male, will be more EQ & IQ to solve every kind of problems. but when in the relatioship, males are more childish thinking and will be "first love's" situation. Means don't know how to reaction or take concern to their loved onces. hahaha.. But nowadays, women can be stronger and tough, if no men's beside or used to it. Yea, 21th century what..

ahem* For this paragraph of words, if something sensitives to her/him, sorry for that..
it just my opinion. So can't blame me

Anyway, now i'm very exciting!! Exciting of what? Exciting of.. waiting everyone's updates on their plans on Valentines and also sharing too.. Especially from Ultra & Aivie.. since they are so heart each other onces. ngek ngek^^

Happy Valentine's Day.

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