Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Segi Uni College is good?

Hey, tell you guys..
today my college happened big NEW!!
That is...
here's the picas~
See that? What happened? So many people standing outside the college?
The thing is.. This morning.. my college got a adver shoot for commercial!! That's why!!
Saw that is crowded? And the sun is so hot man!!
And the track in camera!! CHEEZEEEEE!!
When we're waiting for that shooting..
we had talk many much of craps..
like video+ing..
keep said that: 'Segi not good la', 'no parking', 'don get cheated by the outlook'..
bla bla bla..
Just joking la..
we're enjoy together..
but instead of that management or system and maintainance la..
Quite nice de..
Coz, i got my girlfriends ma..
ngek ngek^^
here comes our camwhore! Too bored edi..
Since we're not that kind of like to so called of 'show-off'..
And here we had bough a pillow cushion.. FOr our assignment shooting..
Just make it as our props..
That pillow's owner is STEPHY!!
After that, we had our PHOTOGRAPHY class..
Oh ya, here's the nice pica!!
Saw the girl?
She is that one which i mentioned last time..
That clever gal, nice fashion gal..
And that is the checker's jacket..
who wearing on her ' ah ben'..
Her bf, if we're not wrong..

And we had asked her,
'wah, why today wearing nyonya look ar?'
she said,
' yala, i brought it in carrefour!'
then, we just keeping laugh and laugh til go in our class..
And then.. i had a hair cut!! Totally, Extremely, Damnly.. SHORT!!
somekind of boy's cut.. and tomboi hair..
i'll post my pica sooner.. waiting jessie post up that pica for me..
Stay tune!!
This is the happening for today!!

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