Thursday, July 05, 2012

496# 暑假南投之旅 D2

Sorry for late updates.. wait for long long time!HAHA!!Here comes the 2nd day of Nantou Trip! We woke up around 6something prepare ourself and took breakfast, check out by 8am. Headed to Aboriginal Culture Village around 10am. Its a theme park with aboriginal villages in this park. Its very cool and fun!

Here's the map for the whole map!

I get in time to took photos with the obriginal.. I like their costume!

 Catch their cultural introduction and show!
Raining for whole day!

 Dinasour made by Lego
 Souvenir handmade from the aboriginal village!
 My crack nail polish!
Great chilling in the chalet room!

 Sue and I
Challenge ACCEPTED!

We headed back to Taipei at 4pm, all the way back heavy rain because of the Typhoon Alert. Southern part of Taiwan had seriously damage flooded. But luckily we were safe back home! We really enjoyed that trip very much! Hopefully the next time can be travel another part in Taiwan, so that we can get to know more about the cultural of Taiwan!

PeaceOut x.o.x.o

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