Monday, May 21, 2012

488# Dafuq!

I'm sorry being inefficiency to update my situation in Taipei. Currently i'm rushing tons of assignments and presentations which are due date on this week and next week. Everything crammed at last few weeks before finals, how are we gonna prepare for finals?! This semester are really exciting but too many things, pekcek lah! A lots of things happened these few days.
First come first, let me update my assignments list:

1/ Cross-cultural  [ Malaysia ] ü
2/ Psychology      [ short videos ] ü
3/ Internet Journalism [ website update ]
4/ Sociology        [ Bersih 3.0 ]
5/ Statistic           [ 25 pages of research ]
6/ TV Production [ 120s videos ]
7/ Multimedia      [ Food & Tourism video ]

5 more works to go...

I just got my final schedule. It is really damn wey. But at least better than mid term i think. Finals everyday but luckily all in the morning session. So that i can get prepare for the next subjects. Now i have no time to go find rooms, but planning for trip after finals! 

Thanks my roomate cut my fringe X)

p/s: i got passed my internship, now have to arrange my time for work! (Y)

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