Tuesday, May 08, 2012

486# Sukmas 2012

Last weekend i went to Taichung for Sukmas 2012, which mean all Malaysian in Taiwan gathered for this Sports Day. It was a huge event for Malaysian. It held in 朝陽科技大學, it was a great university, wide spaces and good facilities. i wish my university looks like that too!

We depart on Saturday morning by 6am reached there around 9am, almost 3hours journey to Taichung, you can imagine how tiring and how pain is our butt. HAHAH!!

 After we settled down ourselves, we gathered at the field for the opeing ceremony for sure.
Thank you for coming, although you are not Malaysian but still enjoying participating with me :D

This is our group tag!

Long time no see Malays..
And we sang Negaraku, our country anthem..
Negaraku tanah tumpah negaraku~

after that, all sports started..
We participated Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Table Tennis and Marathon Relay

what a nice weather for us!

we met some cute lil kids..

Night time,we went to 逢甲夜市! It was so crowded, f*cking many people, can't even move in the streets and of course we did found a lots of delicious food!

The next day, i didn't take photos until the end of the sports day, only i took some photos and videos..

Congratulations our female basketball got 3rd place!

Lastly, our group photo with Taoyuan campus of Ming Chuan University!

That's all for my weekend!
Good night!

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