Monday, December 14, 2009

Cheong Sam.

Long time no update my blog!!

Here's the latest post!!
Yesterday i attended my bf's cousin's wedding dinner.

Khai Tee& Sin Tian

In the morning, we drove from seremban to KL..
To bride's house..

Baby& I

In the car..

After the ceremony from KL to seremban, around 11am..
After that, lim teh ceremony, sing song, lunch..

Overall, end around 1pm..
After that back home sleep@.@

Here's our night dinner's dress.
Cheong Sam..

Jaysee Ting..

Me and Baby..

Us again..

3 Flowers.. Lol..

China Guy and China doll? Lol..

End with myself..
I like this cheong sam so much!!
But quite expensive!!

Thanks aunty:)

Tomorrow continue to work!!
waiting for X'mas, countdown, vocation& New Year.

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