Friday, February 25, 2011

345# オイル

"This is the time, This is the time of my life..."
Above is a sentence from lyrics.

I am lost. My direction are lost.

I don't know what is the next step for me.
My studies? My career? My future? My mission?
one word

Planning to Taiwan,
but don't know what course should i take?
Planning to Work,
but what kind of job can i work as?
Planning to save money,
but can't get away from "BUYING" this words.

When can i achieve my target?
When can i save my money for studies?
When i gonna think out some solution?


i'm enjoying my working life recently.
Just getting no point to work.
Just work for work,
for no purpose.
Can someone get me some spirits?

Come ON!!
Let's do this together!
Nothing is impossible with a strong ichinen!


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