Wednesday, June 15, 2011

380# Mor-Wedding Ceremony ♥

Now, this post is bout Kef Morning Wedding Ceremony.
We prepared a sketch for him.. As a love story of Kef & Amelyn..

Mr Mike be the one catchy eye..

Jing Yee playing harmonica while singing song..

Nicole helping Mingli makeup..

Roses for decoration..

♥ Kef & Amelyn 

4 of us..

I'm the narrator, director, producer and photographer..


Caren helping recalled back those steps.. Thanks sis 

 They are who always caring for each..


Hi, I am Evon Ang. Nice to meet you 

Do i looks like Amelyn in that photo? 

Thanks Fey as my PA assistant! 

Michelle came back from Melbourne 

Lam Lam Sweet Sweet part 

YO! Brother came back from Sabah...

This is Alwyn Fong. 
Looks like EDC? F.A.M.A? MC-Jin?

SUPER high angle!

Me & Nicole 

Family photo..

Will you marry me?

NO! I am still waiting my future white prince!

Lastly, Me & Amelyn photo..
Pretty Bride

And you may click on this link Touching scene! ♥


Wedding dinner night

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