Thursday, June 21, 2012

493# 暑假南投之旅 D1

Hi guys, Yes! I'm finished my final and ended my semester! Now, i'm enjoying summer holidays although Taiwan are having monsoon, or we should call it 'typhoon in summer'? hahaha.. But no kidding, southern and middle part of Taiwan were damage flooding! But it didn't affected to my area, so no worries!!

So now i wanna talk about i went to Nantou, is at the middle part of Taiwan for 2D1N trip with my schoolmate! It was awesome! It because we're international student and Taiwan's government sponsored us this trip for exchange international culture together. We went to "Sun Moon Lake" and Aboriginal Cultural Village, which is included theme park and their aboriginal people staying in the park for tourism visiting places!

We gathered at MRT station at 630am morning which are sun rises like 8am in Malaysia!

This place is a small town, but i like it name, Jiji Town with an old train station..

Paper Art Shop, all paper are creative and modern! Cool!

Happy or Happiness?

Sun Moon Lake

Their legend animal is Owl!

This Tea Egg is very tasty! But bit too salty, i like it!

This is about the first day of Nantou trip! Wait for the next day post!
Peace Out!

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