Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Finally i'm home.

I miss my home man..
Deep deep miss!!
Especially my bed..

Know why?
Because i'm staying at my friend's hostel for 3days..

Transport's problem.
But anyway, i do enjoy the time in hostel.
Especially is time to let me to be independent.
House work? Lol..
I think so..

Yesterday after class at hostel,
is really not used to it.
not because is my first time overnight there,
is the environment i think.
so i keep *complaining* this and that..
Jaysee and casey were so frustrating on my complains..

This week is my tough week,
the evil of sleepy is keep coming towards me.
because i got late sleep in every night,
wake up early the other morning.
Oh no, the pimples+ black eye circle..
i'm so so exhausted.

This Sunday going to performance,
yesterday i had missed,
so later i gotto rush to quick learn whole song.

please support me til the end of this sunday.

i Must challenge it.

I can do it!!

My man, i miss you too..
yesterday had accompanied me.
thanks my dear..

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