Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's Move it move it :)

*6.15 Celebration*

We did 2groups of performance..
I am in the 'rock n' roll' group..

Let's the picture do talking..

See, my finger color to red..
to cater my dance..

Before make-up..

sai hoe and i


Wingyan(fei po) and i

Here's the girls..

After performance..

Mingli and I

Mr. Saihoe and I

Here the cutest taffy :)

fei wei and I

Nicole and i

Wingyan(fei po) and I

3 of us..

Me and kah fui

Lastly, Me again..

victory is recorded.
No matter how we struggle,
how we hurt,
how we suffered..
All are worthy!!
Because we are member of SGM!!

HAD, let's move on towards 2010..

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