Friday, June 05, 2009

Penang #1

Finally I've upload this pictures..
Ok, let's start my entry..

6am depart to BIDOH..
just slept 2hours for that night..

my Ivory purse

Next station..
Ipoh - Gunang Lang..
Is a hill that looks like a dragon..

a peaceful place..

My brother- act professional..

The boat which we have to ride over to the other place..

Here's a legend.
Saw that black black color flow from the white rock there?
they said that is Guan Yin's shadow..
then reflected to that white rock,
and become a black color reflection..

do you saw like a women shadow there?
Do you believe it?
God knows.

After that,
reach hotel..
prepare for dinner..


hunger stage!!

After that,
going to sleep soon although the night is still young.


No Music No

Silly XD

The next morning..

Breakfast at 姐妹茶餐厅- famous in Char keoy teow


After that, we went to SGM(Penang)..

nice banglo :)

Then went to Thai temple..

Sleeping God..
Is damn big and long!!

Here are Myanmar Temple..

Their god statue very nice..

drew like a lady.. but all are man..

This is a bell.. all of us very like this statue..

After that, had our lunch...

This is the most interesting part!!
We went to "Toy Museum"

What kind of cartoon in your childhood,

were in the museum..

Predator, Indiana Jones, Power ranger, Batman,
Monster Inc.,
Kungfu Panda, Spider Man, Super Man, Hitman..

Chuckei, Mr.Bean, Horror movie(dono what name),
Fantastic 4, Andy low, Cinderella, Pikachu, Spider man & women..

At night, Fever Sunday night..
Started to camwhore all the time..

Two dude..

Here am i XD..

Here's the children..

hahahahah.. Gorgeous..

we had many fun and silly photos and videos..
My brother had put out his talent in acting..
Great, my brother.. Lol..

Next morning,
after breakfast..
planned to Bukit Bendera..

The cable to ride up the 701m of sea level's hill..


The girls in the house..

the guys in the house..

Here is the cute uncle..

sleeping while waiting the cable..


My Dad & I

In the cable..
is kinda tired and hot man!!

The way to Heaven??

Here.. the view of HK?

Nope, is GeorgeTown..

Nice weather..

Uncle, waiting who?

City boys and girls never see bomber before..

so exciting to take picture with it..
Cheeseeee ^__________^

My Bro & I.. Good expression..

We got company :)

A Hairy caterpillar..


After that,
thirsty and hungry..
went to air hitam for lunch..



Penang famous food- Asam laksa!!

After that, check out then went to Balik Pulau for DuRiAn..

YUm YUm!!


Oh gosh..!!


Our King of Fruit!! DURIAN!!

That's all my Penang trip!!
Lose Weight!!

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