Saturday, June 12, 2010

6N gathering day..

Yoyo.. Long time no update blog. Here's an interesting one. yesterday i went out with Primary Classmate for class gathering, sounds cool right? yea, that's cool. Some of them were always meet out for yumcha, but some of them were never meet since after our UPSR, standard 6! Damn miss them weh~ So yesterday we gathered dinner at Menjalara Momo Paradise Steamboat.
I'm the 1st one there, and waiting them for almost half and hour, and i'm starving there. And started took those dishes as my dinner..

Here we go...

When the steamboat begins...

Ang Leong Wai, single and available..

Me, gonna eat the fish ball up!

Shea Ying and Leong..

Leong, Keng5, Keen Foong, MrDJ

MrDJ, W.Hong and I :)

after 1 hour, all finished!!

Yea, girls <3

Who is this? Geisha? Lol...

here's Anna Ong, a model.. saw how tall are she? Cox of her heels.. But still, i'm tiny :D

See, Shea Ying so short.. Then suddenly grown up.. LOL~


When we were standard 6, 3 of us always sticked together.
Me and Denice were ping pong player :)

What's so funny?

Mwah~~ Love you!!

Ai Shin.. Da ka jie!

The basketball player~

Joy Teh..

This is Cyndi Long,
she looks like Avatar's actress..

Pork Leg, wanna try?
Leong's leg get hurt.

Group Photo!


And all of us..
6N Gathering Day, 11 June 2010

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