Wednesday, September 26, 2012

504# Journey Kaffe

Hey~ This post is talking about FOODPORN!
Last weekend, i went to Journey Kaffe with my friends.
The concept are very unique. Everything are like home, the style are Ikea's furniture, the food are big portion  and yummylicious and  of course the price are affordable too!

The ambience are quite comfortable. You can bring along yoour laptop for free power and wifi service!

 There're open kitchen style, you can see how they prepare for salad dishes and making bread! their salad are super big portion!

The waitresses are wearing same uniform, feels so earth color! 

we have to wait for 1 hour, due to we are 7 people.

Cindy (Macau) Yc ( M'sia)

Dylan washing hands! Good boy 

myself selca.. long time never take photo using my camera!

thanks Abby for treating me this meal!

Here's their menu!

introduction of the kafe!

crowded! like a market place~

FINALLY we got our seats!

This is cute! mine blackboard for wifi password!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Brownie Cheesecake, Banana Cake! taste delicious!

and these super big bowl pasta! taste like heaven!

and this mega huge bowl of chicken salad!

this just like normal tacos..

without 1 hour, we finished all our meals..

group photos! Cheeseeeeeee....

After that, me and dylan continue our Sunday evening went to Dong qu district for shopping!
Here's lomography store, cool lomo cameras selling here!
Last year i came here are exhibiting Diana's and now are sardin's..

LOOK! DIY sardin lomo camera, drew by 百勒絲 her...

some photos from the store..

 After that, we went to others streets and found this mini exhibition cafe. Name mr.eye or something, i forgot and couldn't find on the internet! Anyway, this exhibition are talking about people in the society are getting complicating.. we have to think optimistic and open minded to face our obstacles.

 Everything are eyes.. but in cute version! anywhere are eyes!

Here's the mr.eye! Cute isnt?

Hello, mr.eye!

Lastly, took this photo on random street, with some graffiti and poster brings out the feeling!
Like this photo so much!

Had a great night with Dylan!
gtg now, bye!

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