Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cameron Highland.

Yesterday went to Cameron Highland.
Long time never go there for the fresh air :)

Here we go.. We depart from Simpang Pulai to Cameron Highland.

Our First stop at GreenView cafe.
There are many food, especially are with strawberry as the main fruit.

See the instruction... 

The flowers..

The hydroponic vegetable, are fully non-chemical vege.

So green har~

Sweet memories:)

Before dinner,

Camwhored :)

Of course is steamboat!!

After that went to pasar malam for walk, and bough corns and veges too.. :)

Next morning,

we went to temple pray for 出入平安,身体健康……

We went to cactus valley and strawberry park again..

See... Me and baby..

Strawberry shopping?

 He said that :" Too short, not enough for my height!"

Is time to pluck strawberries.!!

Saw the strawberry?


Wishing pond :)


So fair... LOL!!

Here is BOH tea park..

Introducing.. the BOH tea valley

Hi-tea with a chicken pie cost RM7.90, tea cost RM13.90..

Enjoying the tea, nice view and the weather..

Big ring..

Small city..

I had a nice trip to Cameron with my dear..
Although is abit rush and traffic jam..
But i enjoyed it!!

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