Tuesday, February 02, 2010


1. Got a hair cut yesterday!! Although the price quite killing me, but the creative director quite professional!!

2. He just using a cutter to cut hair but not scissor, but mine special case. Using scissor of course!

3. Now me & Jaysee are coconut kiddy. LOL o.0

4. Planning our event, Malaysian-LAH! campaign. Sounds m'sia? Stay tuned!!

5. Oh god, my undang.. effffff.. couldn't concentrated on it. thinking when can i get my L!!

6. Can't wait for CNY! Can i be nude this year? Cause i'm coconut kiddy now...

7. What kind of leg of mine? i couldn't find a nice shoe for CNY!

8. Medi and Pedi.. the pricey for the 10fingers' nails.

9. Can't wait for Valentine's day too... Roses, chocolates, love letters, candle light dinner..

10. Romance!!

Take care guys :D

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