Saturday, May 29, 2010

Girl's day out!

Yesterday went out with Caren. 
We went to The curve- the street for a walk.

That time LDP was so jam. and stuck in the traffic outside 1U to U-turn.

After a walk in the curve,
due to the sky are not happy,
raining cats & dogs outside.
and we went to Ikano continue our walking~

Went to Padini Concept Store, now having mid year SALE!!
In the fitting room snap snap~

We brought this boxer:) the pattern so nice right?
Then, went to IKEA's meatballs^^
Hungry man~ Long Q!

hahaha.. so cute~! she cant wait for it!

Tada~ Our meatballs~!

going to eat them up!!

Yum Yum~!

This is what we brought in the street~ earrings 3 pairs for rm10

this is cute. bikini!

we have the same pattern but different color! hers is purple~

Mine is red color~ my fav. red color!

Pakistanist? LOL..
cute boxer~!

Our outing video ^.^

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