Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5.3- Don't worry about it!

Yeah, sorry for late updates. This post will be for our last Saturday's performance, 5.3 celebration. This time we had challenged new style, L.A. Hip Hop. Is energetic, sharp and fast movement, especially must listen to the music and lyrics. We all had in love with it although House is hard to catch the feeling!

Let's the picture go into it:...

Preparing make up, hair do and costume..

I'm the 1st one done!

Ne-Yo- Don't worry about it!
During our performance..

Hi~ Saw me?

Zoom in.. Saw me?

Group dominos-Tutting..

After that, sure cam-whored..
With Chian yen

Ally & I

Ugliest Hong & I

group photos #1

She is the one who help me make up:)
Nicole & I

Dancer, Caren & I

Always the 3 of us :D

Again! mwah, heart you guys..

Mr.Mike Ong Tze Wei

Group photo #2

my lovely sista,
Taffy & I

Myself.. Fugly



Miss Blur,
Kah Fui & I

The chereographer,
Ricole & I

She is the one help me hair do,
MeiYee & I

MingLi & us..

The Birthday Girl Of the day,
Suki & I

Dancing VK & I

Hasegawa Kumiko, Stephy, Chong Wing Yan

The sunshine boy,
Yi Xun & I

Come on baby~


I Love you guys so much! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~

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