Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dying XD

Yesterday had a small gathering with my primary classmate.
The girl in this picture, she is the one who went to US for 10 years.
Now she came back to visit us!

Miss you so much, zhi ning :) she was our monitor from standard one to four!

Miserable Miserable Miserable
I'm facing few problems here.
I'm kinda helpless right now.
I'm kinda regret for the passed 3 years.
I'm kinda failure for i should independent.
I'm kinda poor right now.

I need transport to earn pocket money.
I need pocket money to maintain my expenses.

Crisis in my last semester.
Help me solve this problem!

1 comment:

  1. awww... you look so lovely yet I look like a bunny..hehe.
    you're not a failure toward independent, you're just started. Although there might have some problems, this is the process.
    Transportation=> how about rapidkl bus, walk, or maybe ask your friend a favor to drop you off?

    If you manage your time and money properly, I think you dont have any problem with that :)
    planning and budgeting are really important in life.
    you're smart girl:)