Wednesday, October 05, 2011

426# 你是我的星光

 I'm sorry for taking long time to update on this post. Because for the confidential of this program, i have to wait til its broadcast to public only i can update this post to you guys. Anyway, for some friends who still not clear about this situation, i telling you  one more time.

I went to 華人星光大道 on last month, to support my friend 趙潔瑩 2nd place in Astro talent show (Astro 新秀大賽), this is the first time ever which visit this studio for this singing program.
Let's start my photos..

So the way to 中視電視台, you have to take MRT to 台北車站 change train to 南港展覽站 to 昆陽站, and take a cab to that destination. Quite far from 士林...

The me of that day...

This is my look on that day
 my blue shoe )

So we are in the studio around 10 something morning..
Our excited and hyper face..

This is the studio before starts recording...

Those stars and contestants' seats

You know who is she right?
陶晶瑩, 陶子姐

She was one of the contestant from Malaysia who also came from Astro 新秀大賽

She is the one i went for her, 趙潔瑩 
( likes her boyish look )


Her showtime.
OREA got 21marks!

During the break time, we took tons of photos in the studio..

Ah qing & Mellisa

HAHA.. so sweet 

Star for you

You can be camera man

i can be one of the contestant

Yeah v^.^v

you are my star!

Little star

After the break, start recording 2nd episode.. They are singing those our childhood's songs..

李佳薇 from Malaysia too..
Her pitch very very very HIGH!

♥ this photo!

Geraldine 顏慧萍 1st place in Astro 新秀大賽

Outside photo while waiting them..


融融 from Singapore, a 10 year old boy can sing high pitch song!

let's you have some appetite to ends my post..

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