Sunday, October 16, 2011

431# seebook

This is my LOOKBOOK look.
HAHAH~ but i'm not open an account for that.
I'm Sowie..
my typical taiwanese LOOK

1. Black violent Uncle Ronald with gun graphic tee.
2. Slim bag - no name.
3. Accesories - Shilin Night Market 
4. "High Flat Shoe" - Shilin Night market
5. Lace socks - Shi Da Night market

Taken at Uni.

And then heavy rain without my umbrella, walked all around Shilin and meet up juniors at Napoleon Pizza restaurant.

Elsa Cutie

Played poker in UNO's method.

Went to SGI meeting with Wendy

Yumcha in 飲茶館 

Ayumi Ru

DJ - dailou


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