Monday, November 21, 2011

444# Field trip you n' me

I'm effective and sufficient blogger. This morning, me and classmate went to field trip! What a nice planning!  Yay~ i love it so much! Especially with a wonderful weather, cold and strong wind! So let's talk bout my field trip of today... 

First of all, we gathered at "What's burger" for lunch together, our Radio production lecture joined together, that's sound so happy and warm right? Like a family. HAHA! Okay, below photos mostly are me and ayumi..

Ayumi peiru


see, many people of us..

kenny from left, jeff at middle and ayumi at the right

from left winnie, Benson, wayne and sasa

This is Jeff's salad.. looks so tasty!

Only Katherine posting to my camera~

May always do this sad face in front of camera..


Sorry only mustard, Ketchup, cheese flake and Tabasco, no chilli!


Here twins again and Wendy

Outfit of the day

took cab to the radio station

Here we are..


Jimmy and May

Ayumi and Dora

RTI, Radio Taiwan International

leaflet for us

Old school microphone

which C.K.S used last time

this is Ma-ying-jeou

Golden Bell Award

since don't know which year

Winnie and Ayumi

I got the Golden Bell Award, thank you my daddy mommy and my lovely friends..

Testing mic 1 2 3

this si the control center of 13 languages of  radio department


Today i had fun with classmate and visit to RTI. Me love field trip!
Next will be on December!

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