Wednesday, September 08, 2010

20th birthday bash

Woah~ another year had came..
my birthday just around the corner..
H.A.D had  earlier celebrated birthday with me at MidValley..

So, me and Mike take ktm to MidValley..

In the first plan,
we wanna go to Chilli's for dinner, but full house..
TGI friday also the same..
So we decided to go The Gardens-Italiannies..


After our main course,
while waiting the rest come to meet us,
ThEY gave me a surprised..

Thanks Caren

Thanks MingLi

Thanks Taffy

Thanks Nicole

Thanks Mike

Thanks H.A.D

Thank you for the cake :)

watched an AWESOME movie..


Happy Birthday to me :)
Will post my part 2 birthday bash :)

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