Friday, October 30, 2009

Part Timerrrrr..

This week i've a great week.
Last week for this sem.
Next week going to exam finals.

BB had acco me this 5days.
We did went to 1U for 4times, Crazy?
1st for movie

2nd shopping
3rd dinner+shopping+movie
"Jennifer's body"
4th find part time job.

Found 3 jobs for me, and BB found 2jobs.
I want work in Haagen Dazs while BB wanna work in MAC City,
Our shop distance it just beside.
LOL.. so can meet and see every time..
Sounds so what right? Yeah~!

Hoping this coming interview will success, and i can work at HD :)
Everyday facing ice-cream, feel so good!!

Wish BB also can got his job!!

Finals just 3days coming, i gotto gambateh!!
Will update my post after my finals+ my interview ya~!

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