Sunday, October 25, 2009


That's just life!!

This few weeks are getting busier of assignments..
but only for 3subjects..
Still got 2 presentation more and 1 assignment to submit..

After that finals then Holidays..

bad new here..
My dad not allow me to go Bangkok with jaysee and suan.
Too bad :( I wanna go there for shopping..
because of me, BB also not going too!!
Sacrifice for me :>

Good news here..
Going to find part time job..
Might going to be waitress or promoter..
And i found an event company for my internship..
hopefully i can make it in that company..
Thanks Ally :)

Everything are still unpredictable,
can be changed it suddenly..
Always just talk but at the end changed..
Sorry for always giving big expectation, and got big disappointed.

hoping the coming holidays, vacations, Christmas and countdown :>

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