Friday, October 09, 2009

Latest update.

Long time never update my blog.

This week is kinda free actually.
Whole week staying in hostel.
Although is bored, attend classes, chit-chat, every night 2am++ only sleep..
Oh no, the routine are getting messed up.

But last monday, we went to watch movie.
The Perfect Getaway.

This movie is kinda nice. The way they video and those effects, damn cool.
The actress is resident evil that girl, forgot her name.

Rating: ××××

And yesterday went to E@curve watched this movie,
Sorority Row.

This movie is quite cruel, thriller..
Actually is not so scary, it just the sound effect make our heart beat stop pumping..


Today i got back my Copy Writing advertisement poster.
lecturer very like it :)
i got 10/10 marks for it :0
But still can improve more to it :>
Let's work hard, study smart in this short sem!!

BB, thanks for acco me for 4days.
Although i know you're nothing to do when i'm not at home,
but thanks for spending time with me.

Waiting BBQ, holidays and vacations!!

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