Sunday, October 11, 2009


1010.. Is a great day!! hahahaha..
We BBQ at Kef's house.. Plus Celebration for Taffy :)

Me and Wei did a card as a present for Taf :>



In Kef's house, waiting he come back to start our BBQ..

The BBQ section i haven get those pictures yet.
I just got the picture which gave surprised for Taf :)

Here's the present O.o

What a wonderful celebration for her.
She very like the present, cox got many MICKEY mouse.
Her favorite!!

Happy Budfae Taffy :)


The birthday girl..

Nicole & I

Vk & I

Here's the Pretty Fun.. she got a short hair cut!!

That's all for the BBQ section!!

Just now i went to WKSGM exhibition for open ceremony.
M.E.A Award, gallery Matihati..
There are many youngster artist in this society.
Here's their competition and there are 5 winners..

my daddy..

The guests..

Here's the art..
Superman, Joker, Batman.


A boy explored his Bird Bird

Dying exploring bird bird..

A man suicide, cutting his neck off.

A girl take off her clothes..

A muscular gurly bunny..


Where's shalini?

Animals' meeting..

Dinosaur skeleton..


This is very nice, got camera charger,mouse and electric plug there..

The old gun man XD

The light festival

This exhibition is from 4th-18th October 2009. This place is a Jalan Bukit Bintang, beside Esso that building. opening from 11am-6pm. Go have a visit if you're interested on it. Enjoy your sunday night!!

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